Posted on Dec 31, 2018

Mobile High 5

Auld Lang Syne means "times gone by" - Since no one knows all the verses, we took liberties to bring you our very own version!
Safe & Happy New Year to All! 🎉
Explore Mobile High 5 for 2019!
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Apologies to Robert Burns (author/poet) in advance!

Should old school marketing be forgot,
And never be brought to mind?
Print coupons are a costly long shot,
Use text marketing - it’s sublime!

Your sales last year hit a plateau,
look, text marketing’s mighty fine!
You need ideas to help cash flow,
As everyone spends time online!

You really need our Guest WIFI!
So many customers join by design!
You’ll see success in your mind’s eye,
Get Mobile High 5 - Best on the mainline!


You’ve tried social ads in 2018,
As Facebook seems in decline!
We know our mobile deals are seen,
customers redeem and yes, GOLDMINE!


You start the year with a clean slate,
And goals that need define,
You need a strong growth rate,
Get Mobile High 5 - they'll make sales shine!


Mobile Advertising - Simple. Effective. Awesome!👍
Affordable small business solutions.🙌
Advertising that gets SEEN! 👀
Mobile High 5

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