Posted on Dec 21, 2018

Mobile High 5

Guest WIFI Solutions - 👍 Customers come into your cafe, pub or restaurant and place an order. While waiting, what do they do? They check their phone! 🤳 Visit for videos, helpful resources and what clients have to say! 📣 💞 Customers conserve their data, so you provide a valuable service…Guest WIFI! 📲 With Mobile High 5 Connect, turn your FREE WIFI into a marketing machine! Build your mobile subscriber database 5X faster! Very Smart! _____ With our solutions, you can then seamlessly provide additional offers to customers to gain repeat business! 💲 Over time, they become fans with our integrated loyalty programs! We install and manage the service for you - Full Service! Guest WIFI is a highly valued amenity for virtually all business locations, especially cafes, restaurants, craft breweries & wineries.☕️ 🍻🍷 _____ You are building a customer list, right? Trying to build a list via email (with 10% read rate) or to build a following on social platforms? The trends and algorithms are always changing. _____ TIP: Build a timeless ⏳ database of mobile subscribers and create an incentive to join. Build your list FAST ⚡️with Guest WIFI! Leverage our tools such as Mobile Wallet Marketing and Review Management to increase your engagement and revenue! 💰 You'll be on your way to unlock the value of your list. 🔐 _____ Contact us today! 484-325-5725 @mobilehigh5